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A friend once told me that he felt terrible about using biodegradable doggie bags and then stuffing them into a plastic kitchen bag. That stayed with me until I found this wonderful product. First the positive: it's a great value for the money, lots and lots of bags for the money, a variety of sizes for every occurrence (yard, pets and kitchen.) Plus, they work just as well as those kitchen bags from Cosco. My only complaint (and it's not that big at all) is that it would make me happier if the bags were shipped in one big box instead of 5 small boxes (which by the way, are by themselves very nice and would actually make a nice gift to someone that doesn't use bio bags.) No, you will not get 5 individual shipments, you will get one box with 5 small boxes inside. Either way, this is a great product. Do the right thing!! - J. Gabriel Madrigal

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Symphony Environmental USA - d2w additive technology

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Oxo-degradable additive firm Symphony Environmental has signed a 25-year distribution agreement with Symphony Environmental USA for its d2w and d2p additives.

Symphony CEO Michael Laurier

Symphony Environmental, which operates in 92 countries through 63 distributors, said that this deal was a major milestone for the firm.

The core of Symphony’s business is a suite of chemical formulations called d2w, which breaks down plastic into tiny molecules at the end of its life and eventually biodegrades completely.

Under the deal, Symphony Environmental USA will exclusively distribute and market Symphony’s d2w and d2p additives in the USA. Both firms are also planning a major joint press relations campaign throughout the US.

Symphony chief executive Michael Laurier said: “We are delighted to announce the signing of the US distribution agreement covering an important new market for Symphony and are pleased to have negotiated a long-term commitment from our chosen distribution partner.”

Symphony Environmental USA chief executive Tim Murtaugh added: “We are excited to become members of Symphony’s worldwide distribution network and are planning to invest substantial funds and effort in order to promote Symphony’s technologies in the US.”

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why not plastics? face the reality and find the solution now!

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In recent years we have seen plastic bags provided by grocery stores and other retailers. Some countries have levied a tax on the use of these retail carrier bags while others have banned their use outright. The movement against these bags looks like the elimination of plastic bags would solve all of the earth’s pollution problems. This line of thinking is naive to the extreme.

epi tdpa bags

Walk down any aisle of any grocery store anywhere in the world and you will be surrounded by plastic products that improve the quality of our life – shampoo and laundry detergent bottles, bread bags, cookie and candy packaging, milk jugs, mustard, vinegar, spices and other condiment containers, produce bags, meat, fish and cheese packaging, paper towel and bathroom tissue packaging, and on and on and on. What about all these plastic products? Don’t they also represent potential plastic pollution?

Or have we conveniently ignored all these other plastic products that we find so useful every day?

The reality is that plastic products are deeply embedded in our everyday lives and there is no viable substitute on the horizon. As a result plastic products will continue to be an integral part of our lives for the foreseeable future. But plastic bags represent just a very small part of a much larger concern.

When plastic products have served their useful purpose, like most items that are considered to be “garbage” they end up in landfill sites mixed with other garbage. Much of this garbage is contained in traditional plastic garbage bags which may take hundreds of years to break down, entrapping their contents and preventing them from breaking down as well, and clogging our limited landfill space as a result. In reality these garbage bags represent a much bigger problem than plastic carrier bags. Fortunately there is a solution. (epi-global website)

closer again with the nature : use biodegradable plastics

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You must watch this video we recently created, it embedded the best country music we have heard recently, and when you listen to it, you will be brought to a new world to convince to get closer to the nature, it a 100% heart-touched music.

We now encourage everyone to take a look at where you live, look at the mountains, the ocean, rivers, and forests. Some animals were trapped by plastic waste, and ban plastic is not a solution, the solution is to give plastic a controlled safe service life, make them degrade naturally in any environment when the plastic are not disposed in the usual disposal stream.

Don't be afraid about the add-on cost, because the add-on cost is too small to be considered compared to any plastic polution or any wildlife that may be taken their life away. Biodegradable is affordable when people really work together and consider it as "necessary", it's like a iphone, when only 1 people buys it, it might be a million dollar, but within more than one million people buy it, then the cost can go down to $300. what a saving!

For more information about where to buy biodegradable plastic products, please contact us

For more information about what products we sell, please visit our green product show room!

biodegradable green sacks

about making dreams come true

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go green girl and organic
Everytime when we shop in grocery stores and supermarkets, we see consumers looking for better products, lower price and smart buy. Better products are products that are produced with better quality or higher value; lower price means competitively priced, and smart buy means you make the right choice. But how can consumers find our go green products. This is a problem because sometimes the retailers tend to charge too high and that freak out some good manufacturers, as they have to spend too much money on advertising, giving commissions to marketers, and make the products with lower cost materials, sometimes it's not good to making things moving to improve our world. But this is what what we want, as a marketer of our brands, we try everything we can to produce "best product", "low cost leadership", and "creativity". Sometimes, copycat is not going to make consumers pay attention to, so in order to reach our consumers, we have treid everything we can to reach our target customers. For example:

  1. cost leadership: we price our products at 20~25% lower than oour competitors, we save some marketing cost and give rebate directly to customers
  2. quality leadership: we set up our own test facility and quality control systems for degradable plastic products, we do not just add "addtive technology", in order to make sure all our products are 100% degradable and having controlled safe service life, we test everything before we make them commercialized and having a professional service team to facus on improving product quality especially devoting resource on carbon footprint reduction
  3. green showroom: we understand logistic also cost money and a lot of energy, instead of sending samples and inviting people to visit to touch our products, smell them, and test them, we invite customers to visit our green showroom anytime and we use social media to interact with our customers whenever they need.
We are still waiting for our dreams to come true for the first retailer to adpot our products on their shelf.

reuse, reduce, and recycle with oxo biodegradable plastic products

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3R: reuse, reduce, recycle: this is a well-known environment topics, recycling and saving the earth's precious resources.

Reuse: Many items can be used for different purposes. So before you throw items away, everyone should think about how these items can be reused. For example, reuse retail carrier bags as bin liners; send the old stuffs to any of your friend or family that may need them; reuse the drink glass as plant jar; reuse the scratch paper again and stape them together for personal organizer purpose.  

Reduce: some people tend to be too wasteful, when you can use one to do the job, why some people use two? reduce is important and is part of the courtesy of chinese and japanese culture that we should cherish what we have and reduce the garbages and reuse stuffs again and again, and reduce the way to consume earth resources.

Recycle: how to properly recycle stuffs, everyone should try to understand how to best rexcycle stuffs and comply to community recycling activities and policies. It is just a habit to make that everyone should at least give it at try to improve the way we live. Some of the people create a lot of garbages, but if they can learn to recycle them, then we will have more recycled material source for our life.  

oxo biodegradable plastic products can be reused, recycled and also reduce plastic waste.

Biodegradable Plastics

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California´s plastic bag ban fails in state senate 14-21

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It is ia great news for plastic bag industry, since plastic bank has been an issue that everyone concerns - reduce plastic bags, reuse them, and recycled them, but what's the points to ban plastic if there is not an avaliable green technology that can replace disposable plastics, ban plastic is a meaningless approach that make the total plastic industry shock and don't know what and how to follow the green policy to move on for a greener world. 

plastic recycling

California´s plastic bag ban fails in state senate 14-21 Sept. 1 -- California´s plastic bag ban, which would have banned single-use plastic bags from retail outlets in the state, has failed in the state senate by a vote of 14-21. The bill, AB 1998, garnered support from environmental groups and was called a hidden tax on consumers by the American Chemistry Council. "We congratulate Senate members for discarding a costly bill that provides no real solutions to California´s litter problem and would have further jeopardized California´s already strained economy," said Tim Shestek, senior director of State Affairs for the American Chemistry Council. "Plastic bag makers look forward to working with grocers, legislators and environmental groups to develop workable, effective legislation that enables consumer choice, promotes recycling education and encourages a healthy environment and economy," Shestek said. The ACC worked towards the measure´s defeat. Mark Murray, executive director of Californians Against Waste, one of the organizations championing the bill, thanked the group´s supporters in an email message. "We gave this bill our all -- thanks to all of you who supported our efforts," said Murray. The organization´s efforts aren´t over, however. He said CAW would be moving from a state to a local initiative. "Los Angeles County, Santa Monica, San Jose, Berkeley and many other cities and counties have announced they will soon ban plastic bags. CAW will be advocating in the coming months to enact these and other plastic bag bans at the local level." Contact Waste & Recycling News reporter Amanda Smith-Teutsch at 330-865-6166 or

how to implement green initiatives and using eco friendly bags?

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Actually it is not so easy as we thought to "GO GREEN", we have some customer inquiry from hotel and hospitality, restaurants, small designer studios, small business, and also small shopping malls - but seems the add-on cost is sometimes higher than they thought, not just 20%, do you know why? I have to disclose it and let everyone knows why, and hope we can all work together to improve our supply chain and service model, and also market acceptance.

  1. quantity of demand: with conventional plastics, the factory doesn't need to change the process for custom made items, but with our biodegradable bags, factory does need to seperate the production line from the conventional plastic bags, so the wastage of material during production cannot be evenly shared by all the conventional quantities - unless the order is big enough
  2. what is the definition of "big enough": big enough in commercial production, means minimum order 1MT. That'll be 20,000 pcs garbage bags, or 50,000 pcs shipping bags, or 200,000 pcs dog waste bags. Sometimes it is not so easy for a small business to order this amount at the very beginning.
  3. solution: for customers that wish to start the green initiatives and join the GO GREEN Program, firstly please try to approximate your demand quantity for a longer period of time, for examples, you usually place order every month, please extend to 3~6 months since our products have safe service life of 12 month in standard storage, so that'll be good enough to cover the 3~6 month demand, or if you have warehousing space, the period can be longer. Secondly, please try your best to order our standard items or our ready to go items that doesn'y require a MOQ, so you can start earlier and easier. Thirdly, with time being, when we are able to consolidate different customer small orders together to a medium or big orders, then the price will go down, and we will definately provide more discount and compensation for those customers that start with us from the very beginning. dog waste bags suggested products for this month

are biodegradable plastic bags more expensive? any way to cost down?

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   green apple and money                      big sales green products
A frequently asked question about " biodegradable plastics and green products ", is it really so expensive, can't someone just invent something that is affordable for everyday use - this may quite reflects what a lot of eco consumers's mind, come'on, I rather use a reusable bag tote, recycled plastics, resuable shopping bags, instead buying something that claims " biodegradable ", " corn starch ", " oxo biodegradable", or anything too green to be true. 3R is about reuse, reduce, recycle, why do I need a " biodegradable " bag, which is much more expensive, and less strength, and smells funny? By the way, I need to explain to you something you may not know, reuse is certainly better than recycle, because recycling needs:

  • Transportation to a recycling centre (burning fuel)
  • Energy, water and chemicals to reprocess it
  • The quality of the recycled plastic at times may be of lower quality due to contamination with different plastics

I used to have the similiar mindset, like I always carry a green reusable tote when I shop is costco or BJ's since they do not offer a bag and carton boxes just not going to help me much if I am going to shop alone and no one helps me to move the carton up to the car - so heavy, I rather just bring a few reusable and strong bags that can help me to seperate and organize stuffs apart... but things are changing now, I see a lot of " biodegradable 13G tall kitchen bag ", " biodegradable cutleries", and " biodegradable dog waste bags " on the market, and some of them are really really expensive, twice more expensive than ordinary plastic bags, can I really afford it? They are definately not an affordable and conscious choice for everyday, because people may choose to use them in special occassions, like world environmental day, earther day... but not every household will be bothered to pay such high premium for the bags that they use everyday disposable (a waste of money) and these bags go to landfill, but not compost (I'll share with everyone about "compostable bags", but you can check here if this is not too technical for you).


  • biodegradable and compostable bags are more expensive - they are good for industrial compost, but other than that, they will not degrade when they were thrown to the ocean by someone (maybe he/she doesn't mean it, just the little baby does it)
  • oxo biodegradable/controll life bags can be self constructed after the safe service life - they are not good for compost, but other than that, they will degrade as long as there is oxygen, means in the river, ocean, school, roads, on the tree, they will be 100% degrade to water, CO2, and biomass.   
  • cost, biodegradable compostable bags are twice more expensive and oxo biodegradable controlled life bags are only 15~20% more - commercially affordable, just like an insurance premium for our environment, why not? And the cost should be paid by the brands, retailer, manufacturer, not consumers.
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