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A friend once told me that he felt terrible about using biodegradable doggie bags and then stuffing them into a plastic kitchen bag. That stayed with me until I found this wonderful product. First the positive: it's a great value for the money, lots and lots of bags for the money, a variety of sizes for every occurrence (yard, pets and kitchen.) Plus, they work just as well as those kitchen bags from Cosco. My only complaint (and it's not that big at all) is that it would make me happier if the bags were shipped in one big box instead of 5 small boxes (which by the way, are by themselves very nice and would actually make a nice gift to someone that doesn't use bio bags.) No, you will not get 5 individual shipments, you will get one box with 5 small boxes inside. Either way, this is a great product. Do the right thing!! - J. Gabriel Madrigal

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go green girl and organic
Everytime when we shop in grocery stores and supermarkets, we see consumers looking for better products, lower price and smart buy. Better products are products that are produced with better quality or higher value; lower price means competitively priced, and smart buy means you make the right choice. But how can consumers find our go green products. This is a problem because sometimes the retailers tend to charge too high and that freak out some good manufacturers, as they have to spend too much money on advertising, giving commissions to marketers, and make the products with lower cost materials, sometimes it's not good to making things moving to improve our world. But this is what what we want, as a marketer of our brands, we try everything we can to produce "best product", "low cost leadership", and "creativity". Sometimes, copycat is not going to make consumers pay attention to, so in order to reach our consumers, we have treid everything we can to reach our target customers. For example:

  1. cost leadership: we price our products at 20~25% lower than oour competitors, we save some marketing cost and give rebate directly to customers
  2. quality leadership: we set up our own test facility and quality control systems for degradable plastic products, we do not just add "addtive technology", in order to make sure all our products are 100% degradable and having controlled safe service life, we test everything before we make them commercialized and having a professional service team to facus on improving product quality especially devoting resource on carbon footprint reduction
  3. green showroom: we understand logistic also cost money and a lot of energy, instead of sending samples and inviting people to visit to touch our products, smell them, and test them, we invite customers to visit our green showroom anytime and we use social media to interact with our customers whenever they need.
We are still waiting for our dreams to come true for the first retailer to adpot our products on their shelf.

we have oftenly been asked: why we need biodegradable plastic for?

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We always wish to share with more households and friends about the solution for plastics waste and we need to take a positive position to face it and speak out what we think to improve our life and save the earth. A frequently asked question, if we can recycle plastics, why we need to make them degradable, and since we can resue them again and again, and actually we are pretty "organic" , we use cotton, jute, and plant based materials, why we need to care about disposable plastics which are something we have not considered to use them in our everyday life. But can you think again, have you really not using any plastics? here are some simple questions to help you evaluate the impact you might have for the earth that associate with disposable plastics:

  • does your organic food need packaging? when you shop in WHOLEFOOD? are they not in plastics? how about the organic veggie or fruit? (this is the biggest chain store supermarket that specialised selling healty and organic liftstyle in the US)
  • do you use any garbage bags? 13 gallon tall kitchen bags? are they not made from plastics?
  • do you use any ziplock or hefty gallon freezer bags? are they not in plastics?
  • do you usually "reuse" disposable plastic products or plastic packaging? it will be easy for us to use retail carrier bags for garbage bag, but no one is going to use again the produce bags that we use them in the supermarket since they are usually topped with a some fingerprints and may not be so clean.  
  • how about the dog poop pbag/ dog waste bags? are they not made with plastics?

If we admit we do use plastics, we actually cannot keep us away from them, whereever you go, there is always plastic packaging, some are actually in paper packaging (but guess what? these paper also laminated with the plastic film). Thus, we have to consider how if these plastic garbages are thown away in the ocean or not been collected into the usual disposal stram, such as inciniration, landfill and recycle. The solution is, we need to make sure they will decompose and leave no harmful residue in our environment - and most importantly, they have to be priced right and affordable, because no one is going to use expensive disposable plastics every day.

how to implement green initiatives and using eco friendly bags?

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Actually it is not so easy as we thought to "GO GREEN", we have some customer inquiry from hotel and hospitality, restaurants, small designer studios, small business, and also small shopping malls - but seems the add-on cost is sometimes higher than they thought, not just 20%, do you know why? I have to disclose it and let everyone knows why, and hope we can all work together to improve our supply chain and service model, and also market acceptance.

  1. quantity of demand: with conventional plastics, the factory doesn't need to change the process for custom made items, but with our biodegradable bags, factory does need to seperate the production line from the conventional plastic bags, so the wastage of material during production cannot be evenly shared by all the conventional quantities - unless the order is big enough
  2. what is the definition of "big enough": big enough in commercial production, means minimum order 1MT. That'll be 20,000 pcs garbage bags, or 50,000 pcs shipping bags, or 200,000 pcs dog waste bags. Sometimes it is not so easy for a small business to order this amount at the very beginning.
  3. solution: for customers that wish to start the green initiatives and join the GO GREEN Program, firstly please try to approximate your demand quantity for a longer period of time, for examples, you usually place order every month, please extend to 3~6 months since our products have safe service life of 12 month in standard storage, so that'll be good enough to cover the 3~6 month demand, or if you have warehousing space, the period can be longer. Secondly, please try your best to order our standard items or our ready to go items that doesn'y require a MOQ, so you can start earlier and easier. Thirdly, with time being, when we are able to consolidate different customer small orders together to a medium or big orders, then the price will go down, and we will definately provide more discount and compensation for those customers that start with us from the very beginning. dog waste bags suggested products for this month
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Our reason for creating jtrend-systems® and promote degradable plastic bags is simple: We insist to provide products, information and inspiration that help people reduce, re-use and recycle. Starting with the controlled-life plastic technology, a simple step of have an insurance coverage of the everyday plastic you use. This creates a "mindset" to make sure when we utilize the advantage of plastic material, we also act responsibly to prevent any pollution it may possible bring to our environment. 

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