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A friend once told me that he felt terrible about using biodegradable doggie bags and then stuffing them into a plastic kitchen bag. That stayed with me until I found this wonderful product. First the positive: it's a great value for the money, lots and lots of bags for the money, a variety of sizes for every occurrence (yard, pets and kitchen.) Plus, they work just as well as those kitchen bags from Cosco. My only complaint (and it's not that big at all) is that it would make me happier if the bags were shipped in one big box instead of 5 small boxes (which by the way, are by themselves very nice and would actually make a nice gift to someone that doesn't use bio bags.) No, you will not get 5 individual shipments, you will get one box with 5 small boxes inside. Either way, this is a great product. Do the right thing!! - J. Gabriel Madrigal

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a example of oxo biodegradable cap for disposable bottles

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        biodegradable earth cap go green

Here, we would like to share an example of applying oxo biodegradable technology to disposable bottle caps, sounds very different if you first time heard of it, and this is a very interesting idea from NorlandGreen. They have created three colors which are very earthy, and they've showed case their testing process to demonstrate to customers what's going to happen after the safe service life of the oxo biodedegradable products - controlled-life plastic technology. (more examples)

Go Green – Earth-Cap. (

  • Earth Smart - Degrades in 5 to 10 years, while other caps can take hundreds of years to degrade.
  • Eco-Safe – Decomposes to a natural earth-friendly state.
  • Environmentally-Smart – Fully recyclable.

How it Works – Degradation of the Norland Earth-Cap

The formulation used in the Norland Earth-Cap, contains a proprietary mixture of:

• a pro-oxidant
• a photo-initiated initial degradation inhibition element
• a secondary bio-degradation initiator.

This unique formulation has been developed to give the plastic cap, an in-house storage shelf life of approximately 24 months. There is a further “dwell time”, of around 6 months after disposal. This is followed by a rapid breakdown of polymer properties resulting in acute embrittlement, after 36 months from disposal. The three stages of the cap breakdown are classified as follows:

1. Embrittlement - After the cap is used, and then disposed, the embrittlement process begins. This embrittlement is activated primarily by sunlight, and/or heat generated within a landfill. The embrittlement process is similar visually to that of a shattered windshield-where the plastic cap begins fragmenting into small pieces. Scientifically, the molecular weight of the polymer chain has been reduced, thus increasing the microbial accessibility, and eventual bio-digestion.

2. Micro-fragmentation – this is the further fragmentation of the embrittlement stage into smaller fragments, which then begins the bio-digestion. This micro-fragmentation of the polymer chain promotes the growth of microbial colonies to expedite the biodegradation.

3. Bio-digestion – Is the consumption of the micro-fragmentation pieces, by the microbial colonies, resulting in the Earth-Cap being ultimately consumed.

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how to logically market oxo biodegradable plastic products?

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  •  This is what the oxo biodegradable world claim:

The Oxo-biodegradable Plastics Association exists to provide information to encourage greater understanding of oxo-biodegradable plastic technology and the role it can play in protecting the environment for future generations. The Association continues to grow - it now has 87 members in 72 countries. Members are manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and commercial end-users of oxo-biodegradable plastic. It is proud to have on its Scientific Advisory Board some of the world's most distinguished experts in this field of chemistry. Oxo-biodegradable plastic technology provides the safest, most cost-effective method of degrading plastic, with control over the degradation time.

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  • This is what the hydro biodegradable / compostable world claim:

BioBag products are BPI certified to meet the ASTM D 6400 specification.

When it comes to making marketing claims regarding a product's biodegradable or compostable attributes, the ASTM D 6400 is the industry's gold standard. The ASTM D 6400 is the North American equivalent of the European EN 13432. Both specifications require that biodegradable products completely decompose in a composting setting in a specific time frame, leaving no harmful residues behind.

It is important to note that the ASTM D 6400 is an ASTM specification, meaning specific results must be attained to receive certification. Some manufacturers, who have not met the ASTM D 6400 specification, may reference other ASTM standards to promote their products. Usually, these companies will reference the ASTM 6954 or the ISO 14855 as proof that they have surpassed some standard for biodegradation. In fact, the ASTM 6954 and the ISO 14855 are standard procedures to be followed for conducting tests and have no pass/fail requirements for heavy metal content or a product's ability to disintegrate.

                  compost pail

The ASTM D 6400 is currently the ultimate test for a biodegradable product's ability to decompose in ideal composting conditions. Think about it. If a product can't "go away" after being ground up, tumbled, heated to 165 degrees, and placed in the optimum setting for decomposition, a well-run composting site, would it meet most consumers beliefs of what a biodegradable product should be?

Because of the number of unsubstantiated claims in the marketplace, the State of California (see California Law) enacted into law a requirement that products sold in California must meet the ASTM D 6400 specification to claim any "biodegradable qualities." In fact, the state now requires the word "compostable" to be used to define a product's ability to decompose.

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Actually, both parties are correct and are reasonable to promote the best benefit of the technology to serve the purpose of the green products:

When do we need oxo biodegradable/ oxo degradable:

  1. if the bag is not going to end in compost, then we want it to degrade faster, instead of leaving in landfill, ocean, mountains for more than 400 years.
  2. if the bag need strength and factory cannot change the process, but really need an alternative to go green or become greener.
  3. if the bag is going to end in compost, for example to tailor to local compost program, to make compost food waste into organic energy, then oxo biodegradable supplier should make consumer 100% understand the oxo bags cannot be used to serve the compost purpose

When do we need hydro/ compostable plastics:

  1. if the product is going to compost facility for sure, then the compost bag will be required to meet the local compost regulations (for example, in California) - fit the purpose
  2. but if the product is not going to be disposed in "compost", since compostable bags will not degrade in non-compostable environment, so it will become a pollution too, some compostable product supplier need to stress for consumer's understanding and really make compost bags fit the purpose.
Besides from compostable plastics, oxo biodegradable plastics, there is also "degradable plastics" which only make plastics to break down into small flakes and pieces due to the material is only design to break down into small pieces without changing the material structure, without transforming the material into bio-assimilated materials. So, it's very important to consumers to look at the product packaging for details whether the bags are made by certified technologies, proven test results, and endorsed by recognized organization that support the technology from professional and knowledgable advisory board.
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