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A friend once told me that he felt terrible about using biodegradable doggie bags and then stuffing them into a plastic kitchen bag. That stayed with me until I found this wonderful product. First the positive: it's a great value for the money, lots and lots of bags for the money, a variety of sizes for every occurrence (yard, pets and kitchen.) Plus, they work just as well as those kitchen bags from Cosco. My only complaint (and it's not that big at all) is that it would make me happier if the bags were shipped in one big box instead of 5 small boxes (which by the way, are by themselves very nice and would actually make a nice gift to someone that doesn't use bio bags.) No, you will not get 5 individual shipments, you will get one box with 5 small boxes inside. Either way, this is a great product. Do the right thing!! - J. Gabriel Madrigal

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innovative Green Show Room: cost no carbon footprint to visit

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Green nowadays becomes a “ME TOO” word that confuses consumers. Here, we nominate our show room as GREEN SHOW ROOM because we are implementing a GREEN STRATEGY that truly replaces the traditional business process by an innovative and creative real product re-presentation. People ask us what is the difference?

Actually, there is no difference, we are just operating much greener, more effective and efficient to deliver an affordable green value worth beyond product value.

Enter Green Show Room Now!

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Enter Green Show Room Now!

  • Visit our green show room by product category

  • 2D and 3D detail drawing and provide you an idea how your product can be presented

  • The best visual aid for comminication of project coordination

Carbon Foot Print

We have spent three months time having our multimedia team to work on this project dedicately. It take time but we worth it - jtrend-systems Green Show Room is the first green show room that is promoting "green" products (green grocery bags, poop bags, recycling plastics) and reduce your  carbon footprint of doing international business. Of course, if anyone wishes to visit our green show room or you happen to come close to our office, welcome everyone to join our green program and say hello to us. BRAVO~

Enter Green Show Room Now!


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